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Top 5 Bollywood Movies That Got Banned By the Censor Board


The Bollywood has faced quite a good amount of problems regarding movie release issues.And for this audience has missed some classic masterpieces. In the past few years, the Censor board has banned some good number of movies, including some of the best Bollywood movies of all time.

The below is the list of some masterpieces which are banned by the Censor Board:

The Pink Mirror (2003)

The Pink Mirror Movie

Directed by Sridhar Rangyan, the movie was set to be released on mid-September 2003. The movie was called ‘GulabiAaina’ initially before it was acclaimed by the film industry. The story plot of the movie dealt with a relationship between 2 trans-sexual and a teenager. The movie was banned by the censor board for ‘vulgarity’. Although the movie was acclaimed by many International awards, it was never officially released in India. The main casts of the movie includes Edwin Fernandez and RufyBaqal.

Water (2005)

Water Movie

Written by Anurag Kashyap, Water is a film which was banned by the Censor Board. Starring John Abraham and Rani Mukherjee was directed by Deepa Mehta and was based on darks sides of an Indian widow. The movie dealt with ostracism and misogyny which was then a totally new concept to Indian viewers and the Censor board. And naturally the film got banned. The movie was a total masterpiece and have received several International awards for acting and scripts.

Parzania (2005)

Parzania Movie

Based on a true event of the riots of Gujrat in 2002, Parzania was directed by Rahul Dhokalia ant was set to release in 2005. Although the film have received a National award the initial release was not good enough for the film. The film faced a lot of political issues and generally got banned by the Censor Board. The start cast of the film includes Nassiruddin Shah and Sharika. Both of them got national award for the film.

Fire (1996)

Fire Movie

Deepamehra’s work was already in the eyes of Censor Board, and this was continued till the release of a classic hit Fire in 1996. The film showed a lesbian relationship between two sisters in law. Hindu groups were against the movie as it was no appropriate to show such things in Indian television. While the movie acclaimed some International awards, the star cast Shabana Azmi and Nadita Das received death warnings including the director Deepa Mehra.

Firaaq (2008)

Firaaq Movie

This was another movie which was based on Gujrat riots. Starring Nandita Das, the movie was banned by the Censor Board because it was said that the movie hurts Indian sentiments. Hindu-Muslim caste issues raised another problem after the movie was released. But after a few years the movie was officially released and claimed a good number of awards. The movie was praised by both the critics and the audiences.

The above are a list of movies in Bollywood which were banned by the Censor Board due its inappropriate contents and some of them are banned because of the abusive language. As the Censor Board banned these movies, Bollywood have missed some awesome masterpieces.

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