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Terrorism Inspires the Economic Growth of the Nation- Sushma Says


The increase of violence and terrorism, which follows the medieval beliefs and potential force threats used by nations about territorial disputes have disturbed the connectivity imposing the economic growth of Southern-Asian countries, said today the Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj.

At the inauguration of Raisina Dialogue, a meeting has been conducted in her address based on the geo-politics and geo-economics. In this conclave, External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj said: “Apart from confidence and trusty environment, modernizations of connectivity were also an important part of economic growth and development.

Hot Topic of Disruption Threat:

When the talk moves to disruption threat in connectivity at the meeting, Sushma said: “This originates and takes the most radical form from the increment of terrorism that has altered to keep pace with the technology updates.” Therefore, we have to deal with the presence of cyber-attacks even as we put effort for violence which receives inspiration from medieval beliefs- she added to her comments.

Sushma, without pointing any particular country, said “Threat of use of force or direct use of the same by nations in territorial arguments is yet another source to be taken into consideration. Also, she said- India’s confidence for creating larger regional cooperation logic will succeed if it goes over its vested interests”.

Challenges for India:

  • India has been looking forward to improvising its connectivity among the SAARC countries.
  • This could be a key agreement to make sure India will see better connectivity among the bloc nations and could not be able to finalize in the SAARC summit conducted last year in Nepal because of the Pakistan’s opposition.
  • In India, we bring to bear a co-operative more willingly than any one-sided approach- Swaraj said. Also, she said that we believe the development of a trusty environment and confidence is the requirement for creating the world where inter-connection will be achievable.
  • About that Sushma said, “This is deep-rooted with our DNA as Indians are the inheritors of two powerful connectivity legacies, the Spice Route and the message of Buddha.

In The Inaugural Session In Front Of Many Notable Political Names:

For the revival of Asia, the connectivity modernization has played a significant role, said the minister. The minister also said, “India itself is concerned whether it’s regional, domestic or external and connectivity will have the privilege to identify how India will meet the promise of growth, prosperity, and employment.” If both metaphorically and said, then India is a supporter of “Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas!”- She told.  

Admiring PM Modi, Sushma said “Modi is an energetic, decisive and action-oriented leader who is in charge of India today. After he comes into power, the NDA govt. has brought some new purpose into the limelight for increasing the foreign policy”. As a result, India today has become a natural participant in the most vital debates- she added to her comment.    

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