Saturday , April 21 2018

Welcoming The Young Nawab Bollywood Style

Last December, Saif and Kareena welcomed a young angel into their lives. On December 20, 2016 the Pataudi family welcomed a little angel into their house. Ever since then, there has been a huge uproar surrounding pictures of the young nawab. While Kareena had made a supremely bold statement with her appearances during the pregnancy, the baby boy is also garnering a lot of paparazzi.

Yesterday Taimur was spotted in the arms of Mommy Kareena on their way to the birthday party of Tushar Kapoor’s son. As soon the media guys realized that the Pataudi family was near, they gathered around the car from all directions.

It seemed like Kareena Kapoor was well prepared for this sudden burst of media people. Initially she was found waving to the media. She also raised Taimur’s hand to wave at the masses. In a lot of pictures in the car she was found protecting his eyes from the flash. Turns out, mothers all around the world are the same.

As she stepped out of the car, the sight was a marvel in itself. Both son Taimur and Mom Kareena Kapoor Khan were seen sporting a similar outfit. It seemed as if they had both decided on wearing similar denim clothes for their big appearance. What was equally encouraging was to see Kareena Kapoor Khan back in her favorite pair of stilettos. Nevertheless, she was holding young Taimur in an equally graceful manner.

As the mother and son duo made their way to the party, it seemed picture perfect. Several other celebrities were also spotted at the party. Some of the famous names were Ekta Kapoor, Jeetendra and Karan Johar. While Lakshay definitely had a great birthday, Taimur undoubtedly stole the show this time.


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