Welcome The First Update Of Pokemon Go


If you are a fan of Pokemon Go, the current hottest trend in the world of games, it is the time to give an update to your application. Niantic, Inc. has just released an update for the game to add some exciting new features to it.

Gamers have been expecting an update for quite a few weeks, and their wait is over now. If your phone is not set on automatic update, you must immediately go to the App Store of your phone’s operating system, and update it manually.

In line with the update description and the expert reviews, the new update will improve the interface of the game, to be specific, ‘the experience of becoming the best Pokemon Trainer’.

The most popular game of the smart mobile generation till date, Pokemon Go will now allow you enjoy a very new interface. It will also have a blockier font, and options like move rebalancing and avatar customization.

Interestingly, none of the features, which John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic, Inc., had promised at the San Diego Comic Con, is seen in this Pokemon Go Update. Possibly, those features will be added to your gaming experience via near future updates.