Saturday , April 21 2018

Want To Live Longer? Read Books, Suggests Study

Life is what you live and want to live. And, if you want live a longer life, then you should befriend with books. We know, you have already broken up with books, all thanks to your 9-hour-long office shift and other routine engagements!

But, according to a recent study, reading books can add years to your life.

This is perhaps the best news you are reading this week. Maybe this is the time for you to check out the Amazon store (not E-book store), and get some books of your favourite author(s), and start reading.

Researchers at New Heaven, America’s Yale University have reached this conclusion that reading books prolongs the life. A research carried out by the university’s School of Public Health has found that the people, who always keep a book with them, and are a habitual reader, are the ones who get to live more than those who do not.

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To be precise, according to the researchers, people who read about three and a half hours every week have 17% less chances of dying. These finds are based on a study, conducted over a period of 12 years. It also mentions that people who read for more than 3.5 hours every week have 23% less chances to die.

Books were earlier thought to be our best companions, but now they have become a friend that will save and lengthen your life as well.


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