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Wake-Up Call For Indians In The Us; Sushma Swaraj Urged To Issue A Travel Warning


The fear of deportation from America was still fresh and persistent in Indians’ minds and then one by one three attacks happened on Indian-origin Americans in the last 13 days have contaminated the atmosphere. Now this has certainly raised safety questions for the Indians living there, since all the victims had one thing in common- Indian-origin Americans. Following the attacks, social media is full with messages to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj requesting to issue a travel warning against the US.

More than 2.3 million population in the US are of Indian origin and after the attacks, terror and panic prevail in Indians. Several countries namely France, Germany, the United Arab Emirates among others have already issued advisories in recent months urging caution for travellers to the United States. According to sources, People who were earlier planning to work or study in the US are either reconsidering it or checking on internet, ‘safe places to visit in America‘.

It all started on 22 February 2017 when Indian techie Srinivas Kuchibhotla along with his friend Alok Madasani were attacked in a bar in Kansas City killing the former instantly in what is said to be a hate crime.

Another alleged incidence of discrimination came in limelight with the death of 43-year old Harnish Patel, Indian owner of a convenience store in South Carolina who was also shot dead outside his house.

The killings didn’t stop here. Recent news came from Washington district where the assailant reportedly yelled, “go back to your own country” before shooting a Sikh man Deep Rai in his arm. Although Deep is out of danger now, the alleged clouds of hate seem continuously descending on Indians living in the US.

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