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Vidya Balan Talks About Her Bond With Mother And Future Projects


Bold, powerful and without an iota of pretence, Vidya Balan has led the way breaking stereotypes for mainstream Bollywood actresses. Her effortless command in portraying intense characters makes her a delight to watch on screen. In this interview, the actress talks about her fascination for thriller films, future projects and the bond she shares with her mother.

1- What Message Would You Like To Give To The Audience On This Mother’s Day?

A mother is a natural giver and will do anything to protect her child, which is why it is an ode to every mother who is ready to put her life on the line for the sake of her child. In a way, I think every little gesture that a mother does; you see that instinct playing out in different ways.

2- Vidya Balan Has The Most Inspiring Story To Tell Off Camera As Well, Can We Look Forward To A Memoir Of Sorts From You?

I think it is too early for a memoir from me. I still want to gather many more experiences in life before I get down to that, because it requires a lot of discipline which I don’t think I have. I am only disciplined on the set.

3- What Is Your Best Memory With Your Mother As A Child?

Oh God! How do you pick out one memory from my childhood with my mother! But I remember in the scorching heat, my mom and I were walking back from school and we pass this huge open space where a mad woman used to stay. Every afternoon, I was petrified of the fact that she might spot me and run to me. And, I would always feel so secure holding my mother’s hand.

4- Once The First Film Is A Hit The Sequel Always Gets Bigger In Casting And Premise. Do You Think That Helps In Taking The Story Forward?

I think it’s probably a consequence of the first film having worked, that you can pitch your sequel or a franchise film on a bigger scale. I don’t think it’s required but I definitely think that it affords you that luxury and why not!

5- With Back To Back Intense Roles In Kahaani 2 And Begum Jaan, Would You Like To Do A Light-Hearted Film?

Yes, I am doing a film called ‘Tumhari Sulu’ which is a slice of life, light-hearted film about a housewife who suddenly finds herself doing the job of a late night radio jockey. So that allows for a lot of funny moments.

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