Saturday , April 21 2018

UN Labels North Korea’s Nuclear Test As Troubling

Ban Ki-moon, the present UN Secretary-General, today, branded the recent nuclear testing activities of North Korea as ‘deeply troubling’.

On Tuesday, North Korea ignited a hot debate across East to West by test firing three ballistic missiles, two of which were SCUD missiles and one of which was a Rodong medium-range missile.

According to news reports, The Democratic Republic of North Korea fired these missiles in a response to the announcement of the United States and South Korea, regarding the setting up of anti-missile system(s) in the region.

Earlier in June also, President Kim Jong-un had tested two long-range missiles having quite a great range of 2000 miles, covering many prominent nations, and today, they test fired three missiles, says the US Military spokesperson.

Going into the details, the range of missiles were between 300 and 350 nautical miles from the eastern coast of North Korea.

While earlier tests were the real test, the ones of today were just a showoff of their strength from the North Korean side, assert many political pundits.

According to the United Nations, it was a deeply troubling and destabilizing effort to raise the tension on the Korean peninsula, and evidently in the world all over.

In addition to the UN Secretary-General and the US Military, Japan has also condemned the Korean broadcast of missile test.


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