The Truth Behind The So-Called Ban On The Movie Udta Punjab

The Truth Behind The So-Called Ban On The Movie Udta Punjab

Aam Aadmi Party and Congress supporters are leaving no stone unturned in cursing the government, for the sins that it hasn’t even committed. The rumor of banning the upcoming movie Udta Punjab surfaced on the internet three to four days back. Since then, the central government and the film certification board are the soft target of the opposition. However, it is just a propaganda, being used for the opposition of NDA-led central government during the upcoming elections in Punjab.

According to the English daily, Time of India, it is nothing but an ‘Udti Hui Khabar. Since the film has bold and sensitive issue, alongside abusive and explosive content, it was being expected that there are less chances for the release of Udta Punjab. But, when an arm of the Time of India probed into the issue, they came to know that the movie has been given ‘A’ rating, which ‘no cuts’, which the producers have agreed to.

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The movie is based on the drug culture of Punjab, which is undoubtedly going to be a major issue during the upcoming state elections. Currently the movie is at the Appellate Tribunal Committee, from where it will likely get the nod for the release.