Truth About The Fateful Night That Killed Model-Actor Sonika Singh Chauhan

Truth About The Fateful Night That Killed Model-Actor Sonika Singh Chauhan

Kolkata-based model-actor Sonal Singh Chauhan was killed in the car accident in the wee hours of April 29. Now, all the questions are raised to the man who was behind the wheel that night. Speculations are rife that Bengali actor Vikram Chatterjee was driving the car recklessly while he was drunk.

According to the claims, Before Vikram left on a white Toyota Corolla Altis, he had four pegs of Old Monk rum. Police has also seized the bill from the bar authorities which also shows four pegs of rum. Not only this, CCTV footage also shows Vikram with a glass of drink. However, none of the friends have confirmed in their statement what drink it was and whether or not it was alcoholic. Meanwhile, police have sent Vikram’s blood sample to the State Forensic Science Laboratory in Kolkata and the level of alcohol in blood will be ascertained once this report comes.

Part of a petition shared by Sonika’s mother Sharon Singh on Facebook reads, “The individual who was driving the vehicle is alive and well, and was (as video evidence shows) clearly drinking alcohol on that fateful night. He has evaded justice so far, and refuses to own up to the fact that he was indeed under the influence, and is therefore responsible of (sic) drunken and rash driving which led to the death of this young person, whom he calls his ‘dear friend.”

Vikram got bail hours after the accident and said in a press conference in Friday, “I am hearing many things… that I was intoxicated, that I was driving at 120km per hour. But none of these things are true.”

It is also believed that the Kolkata police has been going slow in the case under pressure from powerful members of the Trinamool Congress government.