Trees Can’t Save Earth From Climate Change, Says A Study

Trees Can’t Save Earth From Climate Change, Says A Study

A new finding shocks us that planting trees and increasing the green cover on earth are not going to avert the spread of climate change. The trees that earlier were thought to be the most effective band-aid for the intensely damaged environment won’t really be a great help, reveals a study, published in the prestigious science journal Ecology Letters.

However, the report supports the anticipation that trees can slowdown the decay of environment by taking up the carbon dioxide is not an entirely true piece of belief. Trees can help sustain the earth’s environment, but only the ones that are healthy. And, in the wake of longer and severely hot spells of summer, trees cannot keep themselves healthy – that also is a universal fact. In fact, such weather conditions are affecting trees beyond repair.

The researchers, from the University of Arizona’s Laboratory Of Tree-Ring Research, studied the historical records of more than 2 million trees across North America. They averaged out the growth rate of trees over a period of time, and calculated and connected the growth of trees in respect of the climatic conditions of different years one by one. On the basis of their findings, they have foreseen that how rising temperature on earth will affect the growth of trees in coming years.

Although hot weather is good for the expansion of trees, too hot climate can be detrimental for their health. According to scientists – Alaska, Canada, and United States can observe as slow as 75% tree growth rate in approaching years.

Unhealthy trees with slow growth will not be able to absorb carbon dioxide, state the researchers unanimously.