Here Are Top 7 Reasons Behind The Revolt Of Turkish Military

revolt of turkish

The latest revolt in Turkey is the result of the long running of President Erdogan’s anti-military policies, and open inclination towards Islam and its practices. The Turkish army on Friday set out on a coup d’état against the growing Islamic radicalism in the country. Every since the president has joined the chair (2002), the army has been the biggest opposition for his policies and blindness toward growing 6th century BC scenarios.

In the following, pointed are some of the top reasons for the recent freshest unrest in Turkey –

  1. Turkish military is secular, and doesn’t want the mushrooming of jihadi elements in the country, while the ruling party and the majority have a clear leaning toward the Islamization of the country.
  2. Turkish military has been following the sayings of Mustafa Kamal Pasha, or the Kamalisim, which not exactly is the word for the ruling AK Party’s fundamentalism.
  3. In its early years, Erdogan’s government launched political attacks on the military and its jurisdiction, by introducing important designations that would control the army while working under the government.
  4. Later on, a number of military personnel were put behind the bar under the charges of plotting against the government.
  5. Failure of weak foreign policies, especially the latest conflicts with Syria and Russia.


“At the beginning of crisis in Syria in 2011, Erdogan was the first world leader, who demanded the resignation of then Syrian president Bashar Al Asad.”


  1. Military sees the policies of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to be pro-ISIS. Notably, a large number of lads have crossed the border and joined Islamic State.

Lately, the IS planted severe attacks in Turkey, which can also be seen as one of the biggest reason for the decreasing tolerance of Turkish army for the policies of Erdogan.