Top 5 Most Violent Video Games

Top 5 Most Violent Video Games

Video games are made to entertain people, but these top 5 inspired pleasure due to it’s violent content. The top five most controversial video games are as follows.

1- Soldier of Fortune

Soldier of Fortune

This game came in year 2000 followed by it’s PS2 edition soon, was made by Microsoft. It was the first game to use GHOUL engine technology and caught public eye due to it’s violent content.

2- Carmageddon


It marked it’s way as an Android app in 2013. In this game, a car kills whosoever comes in front of it, making it one of the most violent games. Many groups discouraged it’s use as they thought that the feeling of pleasure that one achieved while hit and run in the game would instigate youngsters to do accidents on road. It was banned in some countries, including Brazil, and heavily censored in others. Amid hue and cry over it’s content, it still remained many people’s favourite and it’s sequels also came later.

3- Bioshock


It encouraged the killings of little girls in the game to gain more score. This disturbing aspect of the game made it one of the most violent one. This first-person shooter video game was released in 2007.

4- God of War II

God of War II

Named as the best PS2 game of all time in 2012, this game showed violence by putting in player as the new God of war who should take vengeance on Zeus, the chief God. In God of war series, 8 games were released.

5- Manhunt


This game involved murders with suffocating    one with the use of plastic bag. The Chicago Tribune said “Manhunt is easily the most violent game ever made”. There was huge outcry over it’s violent content when 14-year-old Stefan Pakeerah was killed by his friend Warren LeBlanc, who was believed to be obsessed with this game.