Top 5 Most Overcrowded Countries In The World

Top 5 Most Overcrowded Countries In The World

The view of beaches and green hills are so mesmerising that no one pays any attention on the population. All one wants is to see the beauty and enjoy the holiday. Although Maldives and Mauritius are in the list of top five overcrowded places in the world, still they are visited by the tourists the most.

1- Mauritius


Couples choose this destination either for honeymoon or to spend sometime with their beloved ones. The beaches and white sand of the land can accommodate more than 13 lakh people making it one of the overcrowded country in the world. That means, the most romantic destination in the world also has the highest population density.

2- Taiwan


Taiwan‘s population is about 23.4 million. In the special municipality of Taiwan, there are 2,652,959 people in just 105 square miles, which is a population density of 25,266 people per square mile. That’s why it is also considered as one of the most overcrowded island nation in the world. It is also the world’s 137th largest country, smaller than Switzerland and larger than Belgium.

3- Barbados


Interestingly, it is smaller in area than Mauritius, but is considered as one of the most overcrowded island country with an estimated population of 277, 821. It is also a leading tourist destination where UK, US and Canada account for 40 percent of the tourists.

4- Bangladesh


World’s eighth most populous country, Bangladesh is a major developing nation with around 155,872,000 people. It has the third-largest economy after those of India and Pakistan, and has the second highest foreign exchange reserves after India.

5- Maldives

Located in Indian Ocean, this island is also present in the list of overcrowded places in the world. It’s population is estimated to be around 393,253 in July 2015 spanning over an area of 298 square kilometre. Government aims at making it a carbon-neutral country by 2019 considering the dangers posed by rising sea-levels.