Saturday , April 21 2018

Top 5 Deepest Places On Earth

Our planet earth is full of mysteries and wonders, and there are many places on earth which are full of dangers and life risking. Today, we will talk about deepest places on earth, as whosoever tried to touch them, either risked his life or lost his life. Here are the top 5 deepest places on earth and some interesting facts about them.

1- Woodingdean Well

Woodingdean Well

Interestingly, this well was discovered by humans who dug it around 850 feet below sea level, making it the deepest hand-dug well. The 4-year long process was started in 1858. It’s total length is 1258 feet. Now, it has been covered over at the surface level.

2- Tagebau Hambach

Tagebau Hambach

This is the deepest open mine in the world where 24,000 tonnes of lignite or soft brown coal is removed everyday. It is 1213 feet deep, and an artificial hill has also been constructed nearby from which visitors can see the mine. It is also one of the tourist attractions as it is made 990 feet above the sea level.

3- El Zacatón

El Zacatón

A swallow hole filled with water naturally appeared in Mexico, is one of the deepest places on earth. It goes down to 1112 feet below sea level, but no human has gone down more than 925 feet. Unfortunately, an expert diver Sheck Exley died from high pressure nervous syndrome at around 900 feet.

4- Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal

It’s crystal clear water bring tourists to it’s shores. The world’s deepest lake is 5387 feet down and no one has been able to cross 5371 feet, which was a record setup by Anatoly Sagalevich in 1990. Plans are going on to build hotels near the lake.

5- Krubera Voronya Cave

Krubera Voronya Cave

This is the deepest cave in the world, reaching down 7,208 feet. Expeditions down the cave have been regular since 2000, but surveying and mapping it down is a daunting and long-term task.


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