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This Is How Pakistan Teaches History To Their Kids


Pakistan is a country that has its very own point of view toward each event that take place in the world, especially those having a connection with India. A few years back, the pictures of Pakistan’s physics textbooks had gone viral (no, I am not going to talk about that sh*t in this post), and now, we have got an opportunity to peek into the echelon of another important subject, history.

Everybody, including Indian and the British historians, believes that it was Mohammad Ali Jinnah (and, Mohammad Iqbal), who along with other prominent leaders of the Muslim League, had vociferously demanded for a separate Muslim country in the decade of 1930s and 1940s. They even came to violence to raise and get their demand accepted. Unanimously they all agree that it was Jinnah’s league that brought the painful partition of a great country.

However, Pakistani history books have a completely different picture. They say, Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was responsible for the partition.

Additionally, there is no reference made of Civil Disobedience Movement – which we also called Savinay Avagya Andolan, in the honest history of Pakistan.

Similarly, for the genocide that happened right after the partition, has no place in the history books of Pakistan. They say that Pakistanis provided help to the people (Hindus and Sikhs) who were looking to move from the nation. And, shamefully, they do not talk about their brutality. Paradoxically, they blame Indians for starting a series of the riots, rapes, and loots after the great division. Such is the tragedy of Islamic education. They try to hide everything brutal they do and did.

The Islamic nation isn’t even ready to accept its defeat in the War of 1965. You would be surprised to know that they shamefully celebrate their win in this war, which the whole world knows they had lost. Again they hold Hindus of India and East Pakistan (now, Bangladesh) accountable for the division of East and West Pakistan.

What’s more, according to Pakistani intellectuals, it wasn’t the partition of India, it was the partition of the British Empire. Further, according to them, Pakistan wasn’t a part of India, but, India was a part of theirs.

At last, we would like to pray for the people of Pakistan. May their God give them the wisdom to accept the truth!

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