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The New Feature OCR for Gmail Prevents Leak of Any Confidential Data


Google, the most accessed search engine, had launched Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for Gmail last month. Google had introduced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) service last year and following the innovative features it has continued this year with the OCR. The OCR reads the email attachments that provide better security.

This OCR would prevent the employees from leaking the information of the company that is highly sensitive. These are prevented from the persons those who mustn’t have it. This excellent feature is for the paid Google Apps for work that are can be used by unlimited customers.

OCR Gives Confidentiality and Secures the Working Atmosphere

Google says in its Blog post that any sensitive document doesn’t only reside in the text documents but also in the scanned copies along with the images. With the newly enhanced OCR, the DLP policies can analyze the image types and extract the same for policy evaluation.


The Detailed In Features of the Recent Introduction by Google for the Users

  • The DLP is for the email texts, and the newly introduced OCR is for the attachments.
  • The OCR can analyze common images, and it types along with the data like social security numbers as well as passwords.
  • The new technology introduced by Google can scan the documents and match the keywords as per the approved blacklist of the admin.
  • Google also has launched a set of content detectors that is for DLP. This allows the admin to scan easily emails for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in several countries.
  • This provides better coverage for the HIPAA data.
  • Along the OCR Google has introduced two new parameters for detection, these are Count Parameter and Confidence Parameter. All of the related data can be found in the blog post of the company dedicated to the fact.
  • Last month Google had made it easier for the regular Gmail users to search for the shipping status or frequent flyer number without digging through several email conversations to look for the same. These also help in streamlined search results.
  • With the introduced Rich Text Formatting and Instant RSVP feature, below any of the quick answers the users can see “Top Results” section which helps in ordering the emails by relevance.
  • Below this is “All the email results” that is ordered by date but with this, there is a chance that the users may not look over here often.


Google expected with more helpful introductions

With the several technical introductions, Google is making a way out that creates a convenient and safe atmosphere of working. The recent OCR invention would remarkably be helpful for numerous of users.

Looking forward with further more technical inventions the working experience of the Google users and especially the Gmail users would get exciting and easy with the continuing secured and safe atmosphere of working. To get more information on the new introductions the users can access to the Google’s official Blog Post.

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