Texas Meets A Hot Air Balloon Accident, 16 Die

Hot air Ballon

In Central Texas region, a hot air balloon crash has claimed at least 16 lives, and left everyone shocked.

It was a usual contented Sunday morning, then it turned into a sad Sunday morning, when a hot air balloon became a victim of disaster, along with 16 people who were on board, including the pilot.

The National Transportation Safety Board has provided a lump sum data, however, its investigators have yet not examined the precise number of people who were on the balloon ride. According to NTSB officials, the number of tolls may rise.

Also, the NTSB’s investigators are still (by the time, the story was written) in search for the company/operator, and what security measures their crew members were taking. Areas that the investigators will scan and scrutinize are the machine’s maintenance history and the certifications and licenses of the operator and pilot.

As looked into by some press and news channels, the balloon rides were operated by ‘Heart of Texas Hot Air Balloon Rides’. The press reports also reveal that it was not a registered company. Amid these revelations, Skip Nichols, the pilot of the balloon, has also been identified from his Facebook profile.

It is also being suspected that the people who have died are related or belong to the same family. As said by the reports, many of the people had same last names.