Terror Suspect Saifullah’s Father Says He wWon’t Accept The Dead Body

Terror suspect Saifullah's father says he won't accept the dead body

A father instead of mourning over son’s dead body has denied to accept the corpse and called him a traitor in an interview to news agency ANI. Sartaj Ahmed Khan, father of the suspect terror Saifullah involved in train blast in Madhya Pradesh beat him also two and a-half months back for his laid down behaviour towards work, following which the 23-year old had left the home.

In a telephonic conversation few days ago, Saifullah told his father about his plans of going to Saudi Arab, however didn’t give any detail of the important work he mentioned he had to complete before going. According to the sources, the house he was killed in was rented a few months ago from a man who works in Saudi Arabia.

A B.Com graduate, Saifullah was doing some accounting work privately. Sartaj also revealed that Saifullah had been keeping himself busy over the laptop which he had bought last year and never let anybody touch it. He spent most of his time with a man named Aatish, but Saifullah never disclosed his work details, Sartaj added.

Dead in an encounter by the Anti-terror squad this morning in Haji Ali colony in Thakurganj near Lucknow, Saifullah always used to tell his father that one day he would make a lot of money. Hardly any clue about Saifullah’s ugly plans for the future, Sartaj could never imagine that one day he would see his son’s picture on television with a headline “The suspected terrorist Is Saifullah“.