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India Reloaded Five Facts About India

India Reloaded: Five Facts About India That Are Sure To Leave Your Mind Boggled

India is a land of diversity. The nation truly plays the odds at a different level altogether. Languages, politics, and religion, practices: take up anything you wish to; India is sure to surprise you....
Melenia Trump Criticized For Plagiarizing Mobama’s Speech!

Melenia Trump Criticized For Plagiarizing Mobama’s Speech!

Donald Trump introduced his wife Melenia Trump to the Republican National Convention as possibly the next First Lady of the U.S., and things just started turning into an embracement. At first, it was a great...
Budget 2016 Government loves start-ups, but cautious about showing it

Modi-Led Government Loves Start-Ups, But Watchful To Show It, Says Finance Minister Arun Jaitley

The Indian Finance Minister, Mr. Jaitley, has presented the Union Budget 2016-17. According to the budget, the investor community was confident to receive the exemptions in taxation especially on angel investing. Also, the start-up...
Sushma Swaraj

Terrorism Inspires the Economic Growth of the Nation- Sushma Says

The increase of violence and terrorism, which follows the medieval beliefs and potential force threats used by nations about territorial disputes have disturbed the connectivity imposing the economic growth of Southern-Asian countries, said today...