Suspected Terrorist Saifullah Dead In 12-Hour Security Operation Near Lucknow

Suspected terrorist Saifullah dead in 12-hour security operation near Lucknow

A resident of Kanpur and one of the active members of Khurasan module of ISIS Saifullah, as per the police was dead in an encounter that went off till the wee hours of Wednesday. Almost 12-hour security operation took place at a house in Haji Ali colony in Thakurganj near Lucknow that started around 3.30 pm yesterday. The police and commandos cordoned off the colony after they received the information about terrorist hiding in the house. Saifullah is also believed to be a suspect behind the train explosion in Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday morning in which nine people were injured.

Chilli bombs and stun grenades were used to force the terrorists out of the house. But when nothing worked, a hole in the roof of the wall had to be drilled by the ATS. 8 pistols, 650 rounds of ammunition, ISIS flag, train time table, gold, cash, passport and SIM cards were found near the body of Saifullah. The mission was to catch him alive so that other information could be extracted, but that could not happen. IG ATS Aseem Arun said, “The suspected terrorist fired at the ATS commandos after they stormed inside the house, which was then appropriately retaliated by the ATS commandos. After this, two rooms were thoroughly searched and checked. The commandos also saw a wire wrapped around the stomach of the terror suspect which could possibly be an explosive”.

The whole incident happened just before the seventh phase of polling in Uttar Pradesh, but no relation between the two have been found so far. However, the terrorist activities have surely called for high alert on the day of UP elections which is today and of course before the festival of colours.