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Story behind Famous Mascots of Indian Brands


A Mascot is Caricatures, Symbol or object by which anything used to represent a Group/Product/Brand more catchy and popular. Mascots are also used for merchandising.

Some mascots are synonymous of their brands. Here is the list of some famous Mascots of Indian Brands.

1.  Amul

Mascots Name: Amul Girl

Amul Girl

Dr. Verghese Kurien the Chairman of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. Suggested to create a Mascot for the Sale, Advertisement and Promotion of Amul brand. In year 1966 Amul decided to give their Ad campaign to Sylvester da Cunha Advertising agency to work on their ad campaign. Sylvester da Cunha (Managing Director) and Eustace Ferndez (Art Director) created a young Indian girl dressed in a polka dotted frock with blue hair and a half pony tied up that is Amul Girl. Which we saw in every Amul ad with Tag line “Utterly, Butterly – Delicious Amul”.

2. Asian Paints

Mascots Name: Gattu


Images of street boy holding paint bucket and brush in the hand name Gattu.  Gattu, Cartoon was created by artist R.K Laxman for Asian Paints Mascot in 1954. It became extremely popular in commercials ad in the 1950-70, Accompanied by the line“. Any surface that needs painting needs Asian Paints”, to justify this antics. But by the eighties and nineties, Gattu and his paint brush dorned only the paint cans, appeared at the end of TV ads or at the bottom of print ads. Yet, he remained a fixture in Asian Paints identity till 2002.

3. Indian Railways

Mascots Name: Bholu Guard



Bholu the animated guard elephant holding the green signal is the mascot of Indian Railways adapted on the occasion of Indian Railways 150th year commemoration events then later in 2003 it was promoted as the official mascot for Indian Railways.

4. Air India

Mascots Name: Maharaja


Last 70 years Maharaja is with Air India. Maharaja Mascot was adopted by Air India in 1946. Interesting, Maharaja was never supposed to be royal, JRD Tata’s first director of Air India.

Commercial director SK ‘Bobby’  Kooka and Umesh Rao an artist with J Walter Thompson Ltd. Created him in 1946. The Air India website quotes Kooka as saying, ”We call him a Maharaja for want of a better description. But his blood isn’t blue. He may look like royalty, but he isn’t royal.”

5. Washing Powder Nirma

Mascots Name: Nirma Girl


Nirma was founded by Karsanbhai Patel in 1969. Nirma used a girl for mascot wearing white frock. With jingle, “Doodh si safedi Nirma se aaye, Rangeen kapda bhi khil khil jaye”.

The brand mascot was Patel’s daughter and Nirma partly derived from her name Nirupama.

6. Sunfeast

Mascots Name: Sunny


In july 2003, ITC entered in Biscuits market by launching the Sunfeast range of biscuits.

Sunny used as mascot of Sunfeast products which symbolizes happiness and peace.


7. ICICI Prudential Bank

Mascots Name: Chintamani


Chintamani mascot of ICICI Prudential bank had gained immense popularity while representing the average Indian consumers. Chintamani series of Ad are in TV, Newspaper   & magazine. It was adopted as icon for ICICI Prudential in 2015.

8. Vodafone

Mascots Name: Zoozoos


The ZooZoo idea was conceived by Rajiv Rao, who wanted to create human body as animated as possible. Zoozoo became the most liked animated creature.

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