So this is why Sofia Hayat Became a Nun

sofiya hayat

Once labeled as the Sexiest Women #81 in the world by the men’s magazine FHM, today a nun! That’s the story of Sofia Hayat.

Although very active on Instagram and Twitter, where she would share her updates revealing her cool daily life and sexy side, the Vogue Italia’s Curvy Icon of 2013, Sofia Hayat wasn’t really in news after her elimination from the Big Boss house. It was last week, when she posted her pictures dressed as a spiritual Mother Sofia, claiming that she now a nun, the Mother of the Holy Trinity, she once again came into the highlights.

What happened that made her took this brave step?

Sofia currently is in the United Kingdom, which she calls her first home. She met journalists over there, and took questions from them. Here are the bytes:

  • The change started two years back, when she was in an abusive relationship.
  • According to her, because of this ‘scared reason’, “I once tried to kill myself.”
  • After which, her spiritual self took over, and she started realizing that she was a gift, and the ‘Mother and Daughter of the Holy Trinity’.
  • To lead an ascetic life, she has given up makeup, perfumes, and other wordily pleasures. She also has given up the thought of getting married and having children. She asserts that she will not even have sex in her life again.
  • She adds, she will not be acting, singing, or modeling.

‘I’m neither a Hindu nor a Catholic, I believe in the religion of humanity’, Sofia told the reporter