This Social Rights Activist was on a 16-Year-Long Hunger Strike. But Did She Survive?

16-Year-Long Hunger Strike

Irom Chanu Sharmila is a poet turned human rights and political activist from the eastern Indian state of Manipur, who just ended her 16 year stretched hunger strike yesterday.

For her strong determination, media calls her the real Iron Lady on India, some call her the ‘Iron Sharmila’ and many call her the Lady Anna Hazare, Irom Sharmila is not less than any surprise for the modern generation. She is in quite a good and healthy condition even after fasting for 16 years – that as well is a reason behind the Himalayan surprise among herds.

Born on 14 March 1972, Sharmila began her hunger strike on 2 November 2000 protesting against the “Malom Massacre”, which according to some insignificant sources, was an act of Assam Rifles, an Indian paramilitary force. Her demand from the central government was to remove repel the Arms Forced Special Powers Act (AFSPA) completely from the state. She broke off her strike on 9 August 2016.

However, during this period, doctors on government orders nose-fed her against her will. Still, the questions is, how long can someone survive on such a low diet?

A news published in the English daily, The Times Of India, gives credit for this to her better than ordinary strong will power and her regular practice of yoga and meditations.

The newspaper quotes the statements of her family members, “She learnt yoga in 1998, two years before she sat on hunger strike,” which she called off on the second Tuesday of August, 2016.

Irom Sharmila’s brother Singhajit while talking to the reporters of Press Trust of India mentioned that it was yoga and strong will power of Sharmila that kept her well and going during this harsh period.