Scientists Discovered Gravitational Waves For The 2nd Time

Scientists Discovered Gravitational Waves For The 2nd Time

It is for the second time, scientists – with the help of LIGO, the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory – have successfully sensed the arrival and effect of gravitation force, coming from deep, undiscovered regions of the universe. The wave is a result of the smashing of two black holes 1.4 billion away.

LIGO detectors, located in Louisiana and Washington, at about 3000 kilometers’ distance, received a very weak signal of gravitation waves accompanied by some noise. The waves reached earth on December 25, 2015, at half the speed of light. What a great Christmas gift it was for scientists!

The laboratory in Louisiana was the first port where the wave reached. Right after 1.1 milliseconds, they hit the lab located in Washington.

Earlier, in February, the scientists had revealed that they have successfully observed Gravitational Waves. With this, the universality of Einstein’s theory of Gravitation Waves was also proved. While the first observation of gravitation waves was clearer, the second was slight and pale.

As per the calculations of scientists, both the black holes were much larger than the sun – about 14.2 and 7.5 times the mass of the sun. According the spokesperson at the laboratory, the noise and the waves that the detectors received were released during the final moments of the collision of the two black holes. After the merge, they created a more powerful black hole which was 20.8 times dense than the sun.