Is Salman Khan Already Married?


Tuesday brought a dose of excitement for Bollywood buds and buffs about Khan Bhai’s marriage. Many news channels and journals leaked that Salman Khan has already tied knot with her secret and alleged girlfriend Lulia Vantur.

The Indian journalists claim the source of information to be a Romanian newspaper, Click, which just mentioned Lulia Vantur as Doamna Khan, which in their language means “the Royal Mrs. Khan”.

Ever since the beginning of this year, there have surfaced several reports talking about Salman’s marriage, and his secret bonding with her cute, Romanian friend Lulia. Some reports were also there that the Dabang Khan has patched up with his old time girlfriend Katrina Kaif, but then again, rumors of his special connection with Lulia took over the limelight.

According to Salman’s near ones, Lulia will be a great match for Khan because of her careful nature, love for ‘animals’, and larger than life thinking and sweetness. They believe, Lulia is the right girl for Salman, however, no one has officially confirmed the news of their top-secret marriage yet.

A couple of days back also, the pair was in news for their gathering with Buddhist guru Dalai Lama in Laddakh.

If Salman and Lulia are married, Cup of Story team wishes them a very happy and prosperous life, and if not, we would like to wish Indian reporters to come up with a better leak next time.