This Robot Can Swim and Climb

The Robot Can Swim and Climb

Science keeps mesmerizing us with its progressions and new findings. In a fresh course of development, scientists have developed a robot that just like humans can swim, climb, and easily pass through uneven surfaces.

Not to mention, this robot is a product of 3D printing technology, and it has been developed at the Ben-Gurion University of Negev, Israel. According to scientists, this first Single Actuator Wave-like (SAW) robot will have important roles to play in medical, security and rescue missions.

The robot can climb and pass over the obstacles, and move slowly through uneven and unpredicted surfaces, such as sand and grass. As per the data provided by the project developers, SAW robo can attain a speed of 57 centimeters per second, which is a much faster rapidity than the innovations of previous and present generations.

Additionally, this AI can move back and forth like a worm in wave motion, perpendicularly, in a 90-degree angle, say the scientists.

Interestingly, the scientists and technologists have been trying to develop a machine like this for about a century, and this discovery seems to be the most positive breakthrough so far.

The researchers working on the project gave statement to the media that they have successfully developed a simple and unique SAW robot that can be designed and functional in different sizes and for different motives, including medical and military.