This Is How Rakhi Sawant Got ‘Modi’fied!

This Is How Rakhi Sawant Got ‘Modi’fied!

Rakhi Sawant was at an event in the US; where she wore a dress, which had pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi printed all over.

Rakhi Sawant cannot just stay away from the limelight for long. She can be easily spotted around any opportunity that brings the attention of media and social media to her. While most of the times it is for her bold and weird statements, this time she has done something hilariously brave that any A-list celebrity would do. Something similar was done by Vivek Oberoy at the time of PM Modi’s oath taking ceremony in May 2014, but even the Prince actor would shy and keep away from what Rakhi Sawant has just done.

The latest pictures of Rakhi Sawant, just like her controversial statements, are also creating a controversy. To know why, you should just have a look at these pictures.

All the pictures of Mr. Modi are well placed on her dress, except one. This picture is printed on Rakhi’s dress in a way that PM’s hand comes exactly on B-Town babe’s right bre@$t and a$$ crack.

Rakhi Sawant gave an interview after the latest social media turmoil to a radio entertainment channel. In the interview, she explained that the idea for this dress was hers, and one of her friends, who is also a fashion designer, designed and stitched it for her. She also mentioned that people liked her dress, and they were asking about her dress and about the pictures of PM Narendra Modi. She gave this interview to an RJ of Red FM India.

Rakhi posted these pictures from the Independence Day celebration organised by the Federation of Indian Americans (FIA) in Illinois, USA, on her Instagram, but, her pictures stormed Twitter. Here are some of the wittiest tweets –

Some, including union minister Babul Supriyo showed their annoyance over this incident –