Qandeel’s Cousin Stabbed Her, Not Her Brother: Polygraph Test


On Sunday, some fresh eye-openers, coming directly from the Polygraph room disclosed, that it was not Qandeel Baloch’s brother, but her cousin, who actually killed her.

A couple of weeks back, a Pakistani social media icon Qandeel Baloch AKA Fauzia Azeem was killed for bringing ‘indignity’ and ‘embarrassment’ to the family and the religion. It was one of the most horrifying illustrations of honor killing, which is quite widely practiced by Muslims in the Indian subcontinent, which includes nations like Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Qandeel rose early this year during the T20 Cricket World Cup, during which she had declared that she would strip and dance naked, if Pakistani cricket team would defeat India. Before the day of the match also the Paki sensation had posted many very racy pictures and videos of her on Twitter, and Instagram, which recently has been closed by the operators.

According to the police officials, who are looking into this shocking murder case, Muhammad Waseem, the brother of Baloch, did not kill the model cum social media heartthrob. However, Waseem himself had accepted the charges the very next day after her death on July 15. Now, the freshest results of the polygraph tests claim that Baloch’s cousin Haq Nawaz stabbed her, while Waseem hold her hands and feet.

It also came into light that both the partners in crime had drugged the social network celebrity before killing her. It is also being investigated whether the model was raped while she was unconscious because of the dose of the drugs.

The police also told that Haq coerced Waseem to save the honor of their family and Islam by killing Qandeel.