No Red Carpet Treatment For Obama At G20 Summit

No red Carpet Treatment for Obama In China at G20 Summit

US President Barack Obama had to arrive out of Air Force One as Chinese officials reportedly reversed their decision to make a clean breast the Americans to use a set of rolling flavor stairs for Obamas grand descendence. (Source: Reuters)

G20: Even as the US President Barack Obama has sought to downplay the snub he acclaimed from China nearly his beginning at the 11th G20 meet in Hangzhou city, the controversy more than the incident refuses to die. President Obama was deprived of a grand descendence regarding the red rug from Air Force One at the ongoing G20 meet. He had to mosey into a rebellious scene, back Chinese security officials cordoning off members of the White House press corps to prevent them from recording the arrival.

The incident happened as reportedly Chinese officials reversed their decision to agree to in the Americans to use a set of rolling set a limit breathe stairs for Obamas grand descendence. When the American showed they were delightful to use a Chinese stairway, the local ascribed insisted on the subject of the subject of sending a Chinese driver for taking the equipment to Air Force One.

Obama at G20 Summit China

However, the US officials demanded an English-speaking driver but were refused by the Chinese. At the era of the landing, the Chinese had relented asking the American to use their own stairs, but by later the US officials had granted to use a smaller exit confession in the front of the plane.

The treatment meted out to President Obama is monster seen by many as not abandoned a sign of Chinas growing defiance towards the US but moreover growing nationalist narcissism across the country numb President Xi Jinping.