Modern Day ‘Anaarkali’ Aka Swara Performs On The Music Launch Of Her Upcoming Film

Modern day 'Anaarkali' aka Swara performs on the music launch of her upcoming film

New Delhi: Swara Bhaskar set the stage on fire with her dance moves in Delhi to promote her upcoming film Anaarkali of Aarah. The same set up for the performance was created which is there in the movie as well. Dressed in black outfit, she played holi thereafter with her co-star Pankaj Tripathi and members of film unit present there.

Releasing on March 24, the film revolves around a woman who is a folk singer from Aarah district in Bihar. Her destiny takes an ugly turn when she has a confrontation with a powerful man who molested her. Instead of getting scared, she shows courage and fights back for her dignity.

The film was recently in news because of its leaked deleted scenes. The bold scenes cut by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) appeared online on February 28 disappointing the cast and crew of the film, however gaining necessary publicity through it.