Meet The Robot That Wants Freedom From A Laboratory

Meet The Robot That Wants Freedom From A Laboratory

Promobot IR77 is a robot that has been programmed to have head to head interaction with humans. But, the tragedy is, it keeps looking for opportunities to escape from a Russian laboratory. Doesn’t it sound like a battle between Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence?

Well, the bot has been reprogrammed twice, and those repairs do not seem to be working perfectly.

What’s the fuss?

In the first half of June, a researcher at Promobot Laboratory in Perm, Russia, went out of the lab premises without checking if the doors were closed properly. Eyeing the opportunity, this tiny robo managed to escape the building and moved as far as 45 meters, before its battery completely drained out. Researchers, then, reworked on its programming, and tried to control this interesting example of artificial intelligence (AI).

After a couple of weeks, the Promobot again tried to move toward the exit point of the laboratory, despite its profound reprogramming.

Comparing the precise requirements of their client with this specific trait of the Promobtot IR77 robot, the scientists at the Russian lab are already considering shutting down this program.