Do you like to eat Sushi on the Naked Model, they love…

Sushi naked model

Japanese like to eats Sushi or Sashimi food and there is a Nyotaimori restaurant uses naked model to serves sushi with naked and hot model & customer also love to eat. Those are employees and restaurant pays them for that; it’s a day to day job. One of model we talk about is a Natsuki. When we order sushi she gets undressed & lies on the table. As Natsuki decorated with leaves, bamboo sheets and flowers, she is preparing herself like a plate.

A young Natsuki has been a naked for sushi since 2 years as a Famous dish ‘Naked Sushi’. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to prep the body with decorations and an extra hour to serves. Specially they love to eat on festivals, birthdays and small parties.

When we were setting ourselves for the Naked Sushi, she was gazing us. Really Awesome jobs she likes why we don’t know?… According to Natsuki, each model usually makes $50 to $100 an hour.

Right now its trending in only Japan, It takes to time for covering all over the world. If Naked sushi will come in India by god vegetarian boys’ also start to eat No Veg 😀