Lady Gaga Ends It With Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga Ends It With Taylor Kinney

Lady Gaga has parted ways from Taylor Kinney, her long time partner since 2011. As per a report published on, the beautiful duo has called it off earlier this month.

However, no more details on the breakup are yet available. It is still unknown who actually initiated the separation, and why they went for this. Neither Gaga nor Taylor has confirmed the slip, but near and dear ones of both the sides have validated this news.

According to celebrity watchers, many weeks had passed, the couple had not seen each other before the great divide.

Last week also, Gaga was seen at an outing in Malibu without her engagement ring, giving a strong suggestion that she is not seeing Kinney anymore. Additionally, on the occasion of 35th birthday of Taylor Kinney also, the couple was not seen together, instead, ‘they were miles away from each other’, reports TMZ.

In June, there were reports surfacing the internet that the couple has moved back their wedding to focus on starting a family.

Interestingly, the pop singer always tried to keep her relationship with the actor private, which always kept the mystery about their relationship ignited among their fans and the media.