Karan Johar Opens Up After Prolonged Controversy, Says, He Understands Indian Sentiments

Karan Johar Opens Up After Prolonged Controversy

Director, producer, and screenplay writer Karan Johar on Tuesday let go of his long-drawn-out patience and silence over the controversy that was flooding the Indian and Pakistani media because of the casting of his upcoming film “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”. He released 2 minute long video to use his right to freedom of expression and to respond the criticism he has been a victim of because of his love for Pakistani actors. In this video, Johar remarks that will not entertain any talent from Pakistan from now on.

At a recent public event, Karan had told the interviewer (Neha Dhupia) that he would choose Fawad Khan, whom the Indian fans have been addressing as Mawad Khan, over Ranbir Kapoor, if he were to choose any one between the two. Previously, he also had commented and raised voice in favor Pakistani actors and singers’ working in Bollywood. For that, he was literally given a ticket to Pakistan and unkindly labeled as an agent of ISI, the notorious intelligence agency of Pakistan.

The protest for the association of smalltime Pakistani entertainers with Bollywood were so severe and strict that it already felt like Johar’s next movie is going to have tough time in India on his due release date. A couple of days, the association of theaters had made clear that they will not broadcast any movie that will have Paki actors in it.

This concerned the director Karan Johar. And now, he is out with an emotion Johar face, explaining his side of the story. He is trying to explicate that he is extremely shocked and saddened over the protest, while he has his sentiments with India.

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