Indus Valley An 8000-Year-Old Civilization: New Study

Indus Valley Ended An 8000-Year-Old Civilization

In a big blow to Western and Muslim historians, who have constantly been trying to prove that India is not the oldest colony of humans, the Archeological Survey of India, along with a group of research scientists, has unearthed a series of evidences that claim the Indus Valley Civilization to be older than what it is thought to be.

According to the widespread belief, backed by the discussions and theories of leftist thinkers, the Harappan Civilization, by any chance, is not older than 3000 BC, which is an era of nearly 5000 or 5500 years back. The new research says that India was flourishing even before the foundation of the Egyptian Civilization.

What’s more, the team of researchers has also gathered sound evidences of another civilization, which existed even before the of Indus Civilization, and resided on the site for at least 1000 years.

The report, published in the Nature magazine, also claims that the Indus Valley ended not because of Earthquake, invasion of some foreign entity, flood, or so, but because of poor monsoon or a severe change in the climate.

All these new evidence have been found at the new excavation site, Bhirrana, Haryana, which the British historians never explored.