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Happiness Can Be the Reason for Your Broken Heart, Says a Study


Sadness fills up the heart due to the incidence of stressful event in people’s lives that can trigger emotional disturbance which weakens the heart. But, it is quite a familiar phenomenon in this hectic world and modern lifestyle. But, after the recent studies European Heart Journal has come up with “Broken Heart Syndrome” and this journal that was published on Thursday mentioned that happy occasions with much more joyfulness can also trigger this syndrome.

What Is This Broken Heart Syndrome?

  • The weakening of the heart muscles in a rapid manner occurs in the body due to this syndrome which is also called as Takotsubo syndrome, or it is also known as stress cardiomyopathy.
  • It is a temporary illness, and severe chest pain is the symptom here.
  • Life-altering consequences are the dreadful results of this syndrome that can cause a heart attack as well as sometimes death.
  • The analysis was done by University Hospital Zurich present in Switzerland by examining approximately 485 patients who have the specific syndrome of stress cardiomyopathy.
  • Among them, around 96% of the patients had broken heart problem that could be triggered by particular emotional or else stress events.

Examining the Facts Of TTS (Takotsubo Syndrome)

The scientists of the university hospital thoroughly analyzed data from a group of TTS patients and discovered the Happy Heart Syndrome. According to them, many patients have the condition of broken hearts triggered by joyful events. 4% of the total patients from the study had TTS as they participated in events, like- wedding, surprise birthday parties and farewells, victory celebration of their favourite teams, a birth of a child, etc.

As per the journal, the scientists broadened the various clinical spectrum related to TTS. Jelena Ghadri of the University mentioned that the TTS patients are not the classic category of broken heart patients. It is because; the broken heart disease in their cases might get caused due to positive emotions. According to Ghadri, in the case of the TTS patients both the joyful events along with the sad events share the same emotional path. The hearts of happy heart patients get a shape of the balloon at the mid-ventricle part and in their cases it has greater chances of 35% in contrast to the broken heart patients which is approximately 16%.

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