Hafiz Saeed Back On TV Advising Pakistan to Attack India


Pakistan has once again allowed the internationally-wanted terrorist and their ‘beloved’ Muslim leader Hafiz Saeed to appear on their national television.

Hafiz Saeed the chief of religious militant group, Jamaat-ud-Dawa, was banned from appearing on private news TV channels in Pakistan, due to India’s evidence-backed acclamations of having an involvement in Mumbai terrorist attacks. Today, he was seen urging the army to plant attacks on India over the Kashmir issue.

It has been more than one month the Jannatlike Kashmir has turned into a Jehannum, all thanks to the Islamic militancy and tendency of separatism. Since the encounter of Burhan Wani, hafiz Saeed has made several appearances on national television, asking for support from the military and people of Pakistan to attack India over the subject of Kashmir.

He was seen on Neo TV on at least two talk shows last week, and the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, PEMRA has taken no action against the channel so far. It hints that Mr. Shareef led government has lifted the ban from the JuD leader.

Along with Jud and Hafiz, more than 50 other organizations and leaders were also vetoed from making an emergence on television in Pakistan.  However, no other leaders or organizations have been spotted on any ‘known’ Pakistani TV channel, but they certainly have been seen on social media.