Saturday , April 21 2018

A Golden Scam Called WhatsApp Gold!

Did you also receive a message or notification, asking you to upgrade to WhatsApp Gold? If you really got that message, you know, it is yet another scam, spreading in the name of Facebook-owned WhatsApp.

According to technology experts, WhatsApp Gold is nothing but a delightful lure, released by hackers, eyeing to steal the critical information of smartphone users.

(Please search google for “WhatsApp Gold Received Message”, use an image from the search result)

Users receive a message from one of their contacts or from some unknown number, elucidating them the unique traits of WhatsApp Gold and canvassing them to download the application by hitting the link. Some of the lies told about the gold version are – Secret WhatsApp golden version has been leaked….This version is used only by big celebrities…Now we can use it too…This version has video calling feature…It is only available on invite, and I’m inviting you”, and blah and blah and blah.

As you click on the link, the malware initiates its job, which undoubtedly is to home into your phone, and collect and send your phone’s data to the hackers or the developers of the program.

If you remember, same kind of worthless messages were roaming freely from phone to phone when WhatsApp was about to introduce voice calling feature. A few months back, similar messages regarding the WhatsApp Plus Update were also received by application users. WhatsApp Plus was not anyhow associated with WhatsApp or Facebook, neither is WhatsApp Gold. It is a scam, aimed to steal the information of the innocent users.


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