Game is not Game in India


“Game in Game” is name of a Book  that written by former Indian Football Captain Sonia or sona Chaudhary. One another sad story of Indian player. Book revelations about female players being exploited by the team management, the coach, and the secretary.

The former India football captain, who hails from Haryana, was a right-back for the Indian women’s football team through the mid and late 90’s. She was made captain of the team within a year of her debut in 1995.

Despite being one of the best players to represent Haryana in 1994, Chaudhary was shifted to the Uttar Pradesh team.

During the Asian Games in 1998, she sustained injuries to her knee and backbone, which ended her football career. She recovered after being bedridden for six months. In 2002, she married an air force official and settled down in Varanasi.

She tell how the coach and secretary of often forcing the players to ‘compromise’ for a place in the team, and alluding to sexual favours asked by them. How official’s use their power and end the carrier of young and talented player. If they agree to fulfill their desire they continue otherwise end of this carrier.