Saturday , April 21 2018

Five Must Watch Romantic Comedies This Season

Sometimes all that we want to do is watch a movie and curl up on the bed. Doesn’t this sound very familiar to you? Only when you decide to do it, you fail to come up with a movie. If this is what your mood is like right now, we have the ultimate solution for you. We present to you the five must watch romantic comedies this season.

Love Actually

Love Actually Movie

This movie is about life. It literally still stands as one of the best portrayals of how life phases out across love, crushes and break ups. Set beautifully in London during the Christmas season, this movie is sure to help you relax. It offers a ray of hope of motivation and a new reason to shine every single time.

27 Dresses

27 Dresses Movie

What is the most upbeat thing to do in a Hollywood movie according to you? It most definitely is being the bridesmaid. In this movie the actress plays the role 27 times before finally luck takes a turn.

Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed Movie

This definitely is one of the lesser known gems out there. This is a story of how fun and love unrolls when a journalist heads back to high school for a second term. This is sure to leave you in splits.

How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

How to lose a guy in ten days Movie

Trust us the movie is just as hilarious and dreamy as the movie title is. A story of a couple through the best and the worst; this must be on your check list.

Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie

Charming, goofy, quirky, and beautiful; the protagonist is all of this and a die-hard shopaholic. Watch her story as she turns her misfortune into fame. This love story is magical.


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