Final Trailer For Suicide Squad Out Now

Final Trailer For Suicide Squad Out Now

Since the superheroes of Marvel and DC this year have been busy fighting with each other’s, the responsibility of saving the earth has now on the super strong shoulders of super villains. We are talking about Suicide Squad, the most awaited movie of this year – after the loose scripted Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice , and Captain America: Civil War.

And, now when only a little time is there in the release of Suicide Squad, its final trailer has started raising the temperature of excitement among fans all over the globe. If the first three trailers were epic, it would not be a hyperbole to term this one as super epic.

Watch Trailer:

This is for the first time, when the bad guys are presented in such a glamorous avatar; they definitely don’t look any less than their superhero contenders in the trailer(s) of the movie.

No one knows what fate hath for this upcoming DC movie, but it is surely going to have mind-blowing performances, nail-biting stunts, and possibly a sequence as well, or a superhero movie that will take its story forward.

Almost all the entertainment and Hollywood news reporters have given thumbs up to Suicide Squad, which is all set to release coming 5 August.