Saturday , April 21 2018

Facebook Messenger Enters the 1 BN User Club

Today, Mark Zukerberg’s Facebook revealed that its Facebook Messenger app has crossed the milestone of a billion users. In April this year, the organization had claimed that it has over 900 million users. It positively is a noteworthy rise in the fondness for this application.

Two years back, Facebook had separated the messaging feature from its key mobile application to promote the Messenger application. Since then, the Messenger app has been making news for its rising number of users and user-friendly features – such as light behavior and low data usage – that attract more and more users to it every month.

Notably, the main Facebook application has over 1.5 billion users, and its Messenger, too, has crossed the 1 billion mark. A few time back, Facebook had also announced that its picture sharing social networking app Instagram has over 500 mn active users each month. What a proud moment for Mark!

Facebook has also made some revelations associated with user trends on messaging app. According to the company spokesperson, over 17 billion pictures are shared every month on the Facebook Messenger app. This data does not include Animated GIFs, which are shared about 22 million times every day. Furthermore, the company has also revealed that the Messenger app has more than 18000 active chatbots, making it one of the largest of such applications.


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