Donald Trump To Keep Minimum 1 Dollar As Annual Salary And Donate The Rest To Charity

Donald Trump to keep minimum 1 dollar as annual salary and donate the rest to charity

Elections come and go. Candidates make a list of promises during the campaign, which many of them forget after the result. But the US President Donald Trump has surely remembered his promise of donating his annual salary of 4-lakh dollars by the year’s end. He has even asked media to help White House finding a suitable worthwhile cause for the charity. Trump talked many a times about his intentions during the presidential campaign and even took the pledge to fulfil it. “The way that we can avoid scrutiny is to let the press corps determine where it should go”, spokesman Sean Spicer said. However, the billionaire president has said that he would keep minimum one dollar as salary which is constitutionally required.

This came in the wake of American basic cable and satellite television network MSNBC reports questioning Trump on his first pay cycle as president and speculating on the evidence whether Trump has fulfilled his promise or not. Speaking at Monday’s press briefing, Spicer said that the president would donate his salary at the end of the year.

Looks like Trump is following the former presidents’ Herbert Hoover and John F. Kennedy approach, who also donated their presidential salaries to charity. Now the question is, whether this strategy of Mr President works in his favour or not, and helps in re-building his rapport with the media.