Disney’s Latest Book ‘Watcha Gonna Do Rosie Singh’ by Author Rasil Ahuja

Disney's Latest Book ‘Watcha Gonna Do Rosie Singh’ by Author Rasil Ahuja

Disney books have always been a child’s favorite! Infact, they’ve always been a parent’s first choice to introduce their little one to an enchanting world of heroes and princesses since the 1930’s.

This season Disney is all set to further enshrine its legacy with its latest children’s book ‘Watcha Gonna Do Rosie Singh’ by author Rasil Ahuja.

The book is about Rosie Singh- an eight-year-old who still wears bloomers, as a result of which she gets mocked by all the people around her. The book is about her everyday struggles and how she copes-up with the entire situation. The book is based on the author’s real-life story as a child, thus giving it a very candid outlook from a child’s viewpoint.

Author Rasil, is a multi-faceted woman who navigated the world of technology, education, motherhood and finally took a plunge into the world of book writing. Her passion for education combined with love for stories, led her to write for children. When she isn’t writing for work, she writes for fun. She is currently based in Bangalore with her 7 years old son and husband.