Saturday , April 21 2018

Chinese Space Station A Threat To Earth?

China’s very first space station might cast a hurdle for the planet, and possibly, its denizens. According to scientists, the heavy space base has turned uncontrollable now, and could hit earth any point of time.

Namely, Tiangong Space Station was a well-planned mission at the time of its launch in 2011, and it was supposed to work until 2020. It was carefully settled in low earth orbit to help scientists during future space missions and studies. It was a third-gen modular space station program, which undoubtedly helped the scientists to codify a series theories related to gravity and communication, and establish a multifaceted space lab, to name a few.

The Tiangong 1 satellite seems to be out of control now, say space watchers and scientists, it has turned into a freewill, which can enter the earth’s atmosphere anytime. However, the scientists also state that it, just like other discarded satellites, would reach the earth’s surface in liquefied metal form, not in the solid form, having no serious consequences on earth and life. Additionally, there are greater chances that it will crash, likely, in ocean.

A blue-collar space watcher, Thomas Dorman, after his months of study and calculations, claims that China has lost control of this piece of metal, however, the Dragons have yet not said anything on this. Although, the Chinese media had certainly broadcasted some news regarding their scientists’ struggle in establishing connection with the satellite, few times back.


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