Saturday , April 21 2018

British MP Jo Cox Dies In An Altercation Turned Into Stabbing

Jo Cox, who was an MP from the opposition Labour Party, was attacked in her constituency, today. In the attack, an after version of a heated discussion, she lost her life. This nerve-racking incident took place just a week before the voting on UK’s membership in the European Union.

Not to mention, the 41-year-old Cox was a pro-EU leader, who was attacked and shot by a 52-year-old man. The man, according to the police, who has been identified as Tommy Mair, was carrying weapons and firearms. However, his intentions and motives are still unknown and unconfirmed.

According to the police reports, Mrs. Cox was holding a meeting with her constituency, during which a discussion turned into altercation, which eventually became the reason behind the attack.

The police told the reporters that she was rushed to the Leeds General Infirmary, where she was declared unconscious.

In the attack, an elderly man has also got injured, who is currently being treated for minor wounds at the hospice.

The police have asked the eyewitnesses of this terrifying event to come forward and help them hunderstand what exactly had happened at the event.

Prime Minister David Cameroon has also expressed his grief at the tragic death of Jo Cox. He said, “The death of Jo Cox is tragedy. He tweeter that his thoughts and support are with her family.

She is survived by two children and her husband, and she was going to celebrate 42 birthday on coming Wednesday.


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