Bollywood Goes Full Desi For The IND-PAK ODI


This goes without saying, the entire nation was waiting desperately for the fourth of June. It was a moment from history we all loved revisiting. Once again, it was time for the two arch rivals India and Pakistan to battle against each other. The battlefield was one that is close to the heart of every Indian. The cricket match.

In India cricket is not just a sport, it is believed to be a religion. We have seen spectacular examples of the same over the years. From painting their bodies blue to never ending chants of Go India, we Indians always have the knack of coming up with something innovative. This ODI was no different. We saw thousands of fans flock to the stadium with just one emotion ringing in their heads. Flags, headbands, captions there was no dearth of props to show their excitement.

As the entire country was roaring in a single emotion, how our Bollywood beauties could be left behind. Let’s start with Big B himself. The Bachhans as we know are huge fans of the sport. Be it the IPL or the screening of Sachin’s film; they are always there. This time too they were not left behind. As junior Bachhan Abhishek was constantly sharing memories of his past, Big B ensured that Twitter was on a roll.

Anushka Sharma for obvious reasons was seen glued to the match. Priyanka Chopra who is our in house global mascot was not left behind either. Her Instagram feed clearly showcased how her love for cricket was undying. The Khans were not left behind either. Together, Bollywood partied hard this weekend and the cricket fever is definitely far from over. Here’s hoping there are several more reunions at ICC tournaments to come!