Saturday , April 21 2018

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Is Salman Khan Already Married?

Tuesday brought a dose of excitement for Bollywood buds and buffs about Khan Bhai’s marriage. Many news channels and journals

Hafiz Saeed Back On TV Advising Pakistan to Attack India

Pakistan has once again allowed the internationally-wanted terrorist and their ‘beloved’ Muslim leader Hafiz Saeed to appear on their national

This Social Rights Activist was on a 16-Year-Long Hunger Strike. But Did She Survive?

Irom Chanu Sharmila is a poet turned human rights and political activist from the eastern Indian state of Manipur, who

This Is How Twitter Made Fun Of “AAP” MLA’s Imaandari

Yesterday, in a tweet, PTI, the Press Trust of India, doled out an unconfirmed news that Kartar Singh, an Aam

Meet The Robot That Wants Freedom From A Laboratory

Promobot IR77 is a robot that has been programmed to have head to head interaction with humans. But, the tragedy

Adam Dandach To Spend Two Decades in Jail For Aspiring to Join Islamic State

A 22-year-old man from California will be undergoing a two-decade broad imprisonment following the charges of having an involvement in

Marvel Studio’s Important Announcements At Comic Con Fest

Saturday was probably the most exciting Saturday of 2016 for superhero movie fans. Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios,

UN Labels North Korea’s Nuclear Test As Troubling

Ban Ki-moon, the present UN Secretary-General, today, branded the recent nuclear testing activities of North Korea as ‘deeply troubling’. On

Melenia Trump Criticized For Plagiarizing Mobama’s Speech!

Donald Trump introduced his wife Melenia Trump to the Republican National Convention as possibly the next First Lady of the

Final Trailer For Suicide Squad Out Now

Since the superheroes of Marvel and DC this year have been busy fighting with each other’s, the responsibility of saving