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Apple Calls Up For Conversation with the FBI Lawyer for the Encryption Issue


Apple, the technological company, is locked in battle with FBI for a warrant that seeks to unlock an iPhone. This iPhone was used by a shooter involved in the San Bernardino attacks in December. Apple has declared that it needs a “Conversation” with FBI lawyer that would help to settle down the standoff with US law enforcement. This statement was according to the prepared testimony for a congressional hearing.

Apple Gets Stiff with Its Decision, Says Encryption Weakening Would Be a Betrayal for The Users

  • As per the prepared statement, Apple General Counsel Bruce Sewell said that “Encryption” is a good thing that public needs to understand although it makes difficult for the law enforcement work.
  • With the refusal of Apple for encryption of the device, an intense political debate has set off for the devices that are encrypted with the keys provided only to the users.
  • Bruce said that Apple has been stepping up with its encryption in the past few years.
  • Bruce added that there is a severe threat of attacks on the Apple customers data that increases sophistication the tools used by Apple for defending such threats are set to get stronger.
  • Getting the encryption weakened the customers or users relying on Apple and similar companies would get hurt as they can’t stay assured with their personal information protected factor.
  • Bruce shared that the Encryption helps in preserving the privacy of the users and keeps their information safe.
  • The decision of unlocking the iPhone must be decided by the lawmakers and public, Bruce said.
  • Bruce Sewell remarked the comments of Apple Chief Tim Cook, FBI is asking Apple to create an operating system that would be the backdoor into the iPhone, and such OS doesn’t yet exist.
  • Bruce further added that the American’s deserve the conversation to be honest around the questions from the FBI’s current demand that are stemming. The decisions must be made as being the representatives of people rather than a warrant request based.
  • He further again clarified that Apple is ready for encryption conversation with FBI lawyer.

FBI Lawyer Cyrus Vance Comments On Apple’s Decision

  • Cyrus Vance, the New York District Attorney, argued that the current level of encryption was creating a problem for the basic steps of the criminal investigation.
  • He further added, when technology was behind the criminals kept the evidence of their crimes in their safes, closets or file cabinets. The criminals of current days store their evidence of a crime on the Smartphone they hold.
  • He expressed his grief that is investigating the case without getting accessed t the evidence it is certainly impossible to work out that resembles to work with one hand tied behind.

The Apple encryption policy is frustrating the law enforcement which is preventing to investigate the case and prosecute the criminals. These criminals include the hackers that Apple claims to protect its users from.

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